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Our specialized international business units are dedicated to assisting companies in expanding and increasing sales in foreign markets. We offer a wide range of consultancy and support services, whether your business operates in the automotive, security, defense, technology, or other sectors.

Our extensive experience and global presence enable us to carefully assess and select the most suitable target markets for our clients. We analyze the competition and develop a precise strategy for introducing their products to foreign markets. Furthermore, we identify the most suitable distribution channels and commercial partners for each company. We provide assistance in negotiation and managing commercial agreements.

Our ability to provide tailored solutions for the specific needs of each company helps maximize the sales potential of their products abroad in their respective industries. Our mission is to support companies in their internationalization journey, ensuring they gain a competitive advantage in global markets.

Company Samel and the International Armored Group (IAG), based in the United Arab Emirates, have inaugurated a production plant dedicated to the manufacture of different types of armored vehicles.

The two companies actively collaborate in the development and production of new products aimed at the needs of the armed forces, police forces and the international market. The company's production capacity is approximately 100-120 armored vehicles per year.

This joint project involves one of the main global players in the specialized production of radio jammers, used both for military purposes and for protection against improvised explosive devices. The partnership comes in collaboration with the International Armored Group, a global leader in the introduction of specialized armored fighting vehicles and vehicles.



MB armored B5

C I R Group Ltd is the go-to destination for those in search of armored vehicles characterized by maximum security and customization. Thanks to our close, direct collaboration with a renowned armored vehicle manufacturer, we assure our clients the peace of mind and protection they need.

Our established partnership allows us to offer fully customizable armored vehicles, carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. Our range of armored vehicles spans various categories, starting from light armor for delivery vans and reaching the prestigious B6 level, ideal for meeting even the highest demands of the most discerning clients.

We are also pleased to introduce the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 armored at the B6 level, an option that can be completely customized to fit your individual preferences and needs.

Collaborating with C I R Group Ltd means investing in your security, obtaining a high-quality, tailor-made armored vehicle produced entirely in Italy.

Our company specializes in helicopter sales and offers helicopter transportation services, with a particular focus on the prestigious Agusta product line. Our services encompass helicopter sales, helicopter rentals, elitaxi, and Eliscì, ensuring an excellent quality VIP transport experience with maximum comfort and safety for our clients.

Furthermore, we provide executive flights to meet the travel needs of businesses and professionals. Our ability to customize solutions based on each client's specific requirements ensures a high level of comfort and safety during travel.

Our team of experts is available to offer consultation and support in choosing the most suitable helicopter transportation service for your needs. We offer competitive prices to contribute to the success of your sales and operations.

Contact us today for more details on our helicopter sales and customized helicopter transportation services, and to request a free quote. We are ready to assist you and ensure the success of your transactions in the helicopter industry.

AW 109 POWER VIP on sale

Custom Jammer Solutions for Advanced Security

MB 2 Jam.png

The Jammer operates by blocking the receiver signal. An improvised explosive device (IED) cannot detonate when the receiver signal is blocked. Other types of jammers prevent communication with drones... while others block the GPS signal, preventing precise navigation for artillery... and so on.

Global Mountain Group LLC can customize various jammer solutions based on the specific needs and applications of the customer.

Convoy IED Jammers, Vehicle IED Jammers, and Portable IED Jammers are designed to provide protection against radio-controlled IEDs. The IED Jammer consists of a variable number of jamming modules that operate independently. These modules block frequency bands with different bandwidths. Depending on the application, IED jamming modules are integrated into different types of containers.

Ambulance sales, EMS​

Our company is the undisputed leader in the sale of ambulances, first responder vehicles, and rescue vehicle equipment, offering a wide range of options. This includes both new vehicles directly from the manufacturer and carefully selected used vehicles from our clients.

Our dedication goes far beyond simply selling rescue vehicles; we work tirelessly to expand the market and introduce increasingly advanced solutions. Furthermore, our expertise makes us specialists in the complete customization of vehicles, tailoring them to the specific needs of the country and the type of customer. Patient safety and well-being are an absolute priority for us.

By choosing our services, you can be confident in receiving top-quality products, a broad range of options, and a team of professionals ready to respond efficiently and competently to your needs. Feel free to contact us today to discover how we can assist you in choosing the best ambulance or rescue vehicle, perfectly suited to your specific requirements. Your health and well-being are in the hands of true experts.

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